FPGAs in the Cloud

Microsoft Research is doing some neat stuff with FPGAs in cloud computing environments.  By putting re-programmable logic into data centers, Microsoft is trying to improve computation capacity while at the same reducing power consumption and overall operating costs.  The concept is promising to say the least, especially when it comes to highly parallelized computations. Project Catapult Homepage

Small Firewall Victory

After installing the Murus front end for the built-in pf firewall in macOS, almost all my network services were unavailable. Print sharing, file sharing and other services simply didn’t work.  The firewall has the mDNS port (UDP/5353) open by default, but that didn’t seem to matter.  Disabling the firewall helped, so clearly there was a configuration problem somewhere. After a little reading, I found the problem:  mDNS uses a multicast address ( specifically) for advertisements.  …